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Automated Process Skid

We have a broad range of process units, including automated process skids designed to customer requirements.

High Precision Sensors

Designed for laboratory and process environments, Centec high precision sensors ensure that product is produced consistently to high standards.

Sanitary Valves and Fittings

Our stainless steel valves and fittings exceed American and European sanitary standards. Available for sterile and hygienic processes, with manual and pneumatic actuated options.

Aseptic Sampling Ports

Microbiological sampling systems for all of your sampling needs. We offer both manual, and fully automated systems that integrate completely with your PLC automation.

Hygienic Dosing Pumps

Sera® dosing pumps and feeding pumps for the dosing and feeding of liquids in all industrial fields. Dose nearly all flowing media with oscillating displacement pumps.