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Where more stringent hygienic standards apply, sterilization-in-place (SIP) is done after CIP cleaning.

SIP kills harmful microorganisms that may have survived CIP or in cases where Cleaning-in-Place is not performed. Centec provide a large variety of SIP systems. SIP systems are designed in such a way that optimal sterilization results are ensured, with the lowest consumption of water, chemicals and energy. While one part of the plant is sterilized other areas can continue to produce product.

For the production of pure steam, Centec offer pure steam generators. The steam temperature is above 250°F (121°C). If required the pure steam generator can be enlarged by additional columns to build up a multi effect distillation system. This allows combined generation of pure water and pure steam.

  • Typical Technical Data
  • according to requirements
  • hot water, steam, chemical disinfectants
  • according to requirements
  • steam, electric heating
  • double seat valve technology
    water purification
    pure steam generation
    storage tanks
  • highlights
  • Sterilization concept ideally configured to requirements
  • Water purification and pure steam generation on demand
  • Customized design; different automation levels