Centec offers a wide variety of valves for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. Centec is an industry leader in innovation and features, continuously improving our products.
We have decades of experience meeting the high requirements of the sterile processes industry, resulting in a product portfolio that has been proven reliable after years of service.
Butterfly Valves.
butterfly valves
Leakage Valves.
leakage valves
Ball Valves.
ball valves
Check Valves.
check valves
Saftey and Pressure Relief Valves.
safety valves
Sample Valves.
sample valves
Vacuum Valves, weight loaded.
vacuum valves
Vacuum Valves, spring loaded.
vacuum valves
Right Angle Relief and Safety Valves.
right angle relief and safety valves
Throttle Valves.
throttle valves